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The Ultimate Wood-fire Stove, Oven, Fireplace & Water Heater all in one!

This ones going to be a good one!

After building my cabin in the woods (on a friends property out in the country) it needed some sort of heater for those cold winter nights.  Not to dissapoint, I want to combine an open log fire with a stove and radiant-heat 2 shelf oven. Now on top  of all that, it wouldn’t be complete without a hot water heat exchanger for uninterrupted piping hot water for the outdoor shower and kitchen sink. All this free energy by simply keeping the fire going in the belly of the beast.

IMG_9291This project came to me after spotting this gem, alone and desolate on my wife’s parents property.

IMG_9290It doesn’t look like much now, but I have a keen eye for its hidden beauty and what it would later become. Saying that, Barry was happy for me to take it away.

IMG_9302It turns out to be an old vintage compressor and air cylinder used back in the old days to pressurize the house water system by purging compressed air into the water supply giving the facets and showers more water pressure.

IMG_9734IMG_9733Now back at the workshop, its time to Frankenstein this diamond in the rough and bring it back to life after years of neglect.

IMG_9743Door opening cut, top sliced level ready to attach the hot plate.

IMG_9740The old inspection hole had to be removed to take out the rubber gasket, then ground back to bare metal so I could weld her shut.

IMG_9899I decided to weld it on inside-out. It was far easier and you wont see it as i have made that the back.

2015-10-06 11.54.41_resultUsing the plasma cutter to cut out the hole for the flu/chimney.

2016-03-17 08.37.29_resultNext to start on was the heat exchanger. The circle represents the chamber diameter, so the principal behind it is the cold water will be in a tank higher than the fireplace,  the cold water will travel down the pipe with gravity, heat up in the coil and as hot water rises, will start to travel back out and up the pipe back into the bottom of the tank thus creating a gravity recirculating hot water heater!.

2016-03-17 18.45.27_resultI missed out a few photos here but here is the heat exchanger installed. The rest of the plumbing will probably be done in copper. You can also see i have started the doorway for the door and the grill.

2016-03-17 18.25.49_resultHere’s the grill.  Made from 19mm solid round bar, this thing is going to take a beating over its lifetime.  The shape has been made to match the inside of the fireplace but also fit out the door on the diagonal for when its time to clean out the ash.

2016-03-17 17.43.17_resultHere you can see the deflector plate installed to block the chimney. Getting a few tips of my mate who’s a fireplace installer, this is a necessary part of any fireplace. It basically stops the majority of the flame and more so the head flying straight out the chimney. Without it the chimney will cause a vacuum effect and be a terrible heater burning a lot of wood quickly. The plate is made from 12mm steel and allowing the flame to work its way around the plate and up the pipe.

2016-04-04 14.18.42_result2016-04-04 14.18.52_resultI had this made today, its a stainless flu adapter to go from the 139 x 6mm pipe I have coming out of the fireplace and adapting to 150mm for the stainless chimney. 150mm is a standard size in the fireplace business so making this made sense.

2016-04-04 11.36.10_resultNow on to the hot plate and side oven. The hot plate is 10mm plate, 400 wide x 1m long. The concept behind this is, when using the stove top just like at home using pots and pans, if its too hot in the centre, simply slide your cooking vessel to the right or left to the desired temperature.  Its a shit load easier that trying to control the heat/flame in the fire.  The oven is going to be run of radiant heat from the wall of the fire. It’ll have a mid shelf installed, and I plan on being able to use it for cooking roasts, stews, bread, baking bloody whatever!

Stay tuned for more progress to come!