Lean-to Campers Hideaway

Camping is great fun all year around. By the ocean/beach is nice during summer and just as good in the bush throughout winter.

This post is about a little place in the woods me and my mate like to visit in the colder months, get away, turn our phones off and enjoy cooking dinner over the fire and a few cold beers.

Since we visit this area often we decided one weekend to build a little lean-to out of mostly natural resources. This is our story.

IMG_0656With breakfast cooking over the fire we chose this location. Its quite flat, accessible by 4WD, bush/trees not too thick and a semi-running stream nearby.




IMG_0661From locally sourced trees, we scoured the property for the straightest ones we could find.

IMG_0660This spot looks good.



IMG_0662Took us all day in the  trusty truck to find enough for the job.

IMG_0663Starting with these two forked pieces just to give a bit of room inside and to keep the lengths off the ground.



IMG_0666Getting there.

IMG_0667So she’s starting to take shape now and the sun is starting to set.


IMG_0670Here we attached a tarp to the roof for rain purposes.

IMG_0673With a little gutter set up at the back using a log and a bucket for catchment.

IMG_0723All in a days work. Time to light the fire and crack a cold one.



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