Beer Keg BBQ / Grille

So I like making things from beer kegs. So what.

Their cheap (usually free), universal and made from stainless steel. A great platform for a cooking device. Very Australian and will last forever, never rust, nothing to break, easy to transport, the list goes on.

In this post I will be making a coal fueled bbq/grille from a brand spanking keg. Nothing special, just a reliable cool bbq / smoker built to last.

IMG_5514Here’s the keg. Brand spanking new, never used.  Time for the chop!

IMG_5527So I have cut it in half and fabricated some simple legs to keep it 50mm off the ground, stable and level.

IMG_5526 The rear of the legs will also act as a rest for the lid when open.

IMG_5528Using simple stainless door hinges I then cut them down and welded them on.

IMG_5525This is me making the grill from 8mm stainless round bar.

IMG_5608Clamping the grill to the table to keep it straight while welding.

IMG_5610As you can see, a lot of welding/heat.

IMG_5788Here’s the grill fully TIG welded and polished.  Ready for business.


IMG_5789The 2mm stainless coal tray done. Its sitting off the keg by around 30mm this will stop the outside getting hot and burning the deck or grass etc. Also allowing  a little air flow.

IMG_5790Here are the air flow control vents. You could say the bottom one lets the air in to fuel the coals and the top can be used to trap the heat or smoke if you are using it for smoking.

IMG_5785The finished product. Ready to go.



Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed it.


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5 thoughts on “Beer Keg BBQ / Grille”

  1. Very nice! I have made more than a few of these and can appreciate your workmanship. I use 1/2 inch angle iron for my grill and the tapping rod for the lid handle. Does anyone know how to avoid the distortion when cutting the kegs in half? Again, nice work.

  2. Hi Shannon

    Would you by any chance be able to make one for a price? I’m slowly crying over the fact I can’t make one and your need keg BBQ is the best idea I’ve ever seen for a barby.

    Please let me know if you’d allow for it.

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