Ultimate Off-Road Camper Trailer

G’day and welcome to another build.

It seems i cant keep still and since recently sold the slide on camper,  I have decided to turn the trailer into some sort of multi purpose off-road camper trailer. See that build here. 

Its going to have a small simplistic kitchen box on the passenger side and have my new James Baroud pop up tent mounted up top.. Its going to be open in the guts so I can roll on my ATV quad bike for weekends away, thinking a stainless keg welded to the draw bar for some sort of charcoal grill and maybe a box on the drawbar for my 12v fridge. Leaving the trailer empty somewhat, leaves it still a versatile trailer for all sorts.

Lets get cracking!

Starting off with my previously built trailer, and my new James Baroud pop-up bed. Its time to get the show on the road.

IMG_91492016-06-25 08.55.48_result2016-06-25 09.08.07_result


2016-07-09 13.16.22_resultAfter a bit of head scratching, a lot of thinking ahead and some precision welding, I have mounted my James Baroud camper up top. I have left 1350mm underneath for my ATV to roll straight on up.

2016-07-09 14.04.34_resultThere she is popped.  Haven’t even slept in it yet!. Comes free with a ladder and dish washer/bed maker! haha.,  and a pup chucked in for scale reference.

2016-07-17 09.00.56_resultA quick trip out to the farm to check the bike fits before I go any further and she’s in by a mickey whisker. Bit dodgy using planks. Better sort that out when i get back. It would also be a bit liable of tipping if not attached to the truck. Better make some corner stays too.

2016-07-18 16.17.24_resultI’m back at the shop, next was to make the tray accessible for the ATV. Using two fiberglass mesh grates I had lying around, (also used for my 4WD for bridging ladders or sand tracks)  I welded on some type of hooks and some removable chains and its done.

2016-07-18 16.17.43_resultCorner stays done.

2016-07-19 06.55.22_resultSimple, and easy to make.

2016-07-21 09.55.52_resultNow before I get carried away with the kitchen, above that I saw an opportunity to maximize the space up top and extend the platform to accommodate my OZtent / 30 second tent.  The end plan is, is to have an awning stretch out over the kitchen then my Oztent attach to that for a sort of room to use for either somewhere to hang out of the sun or rain, or a second bedroom for kids or guests.  More on that later. So I thought i better make provisions for the Oztent now.

2016-07-20 15.34.28_resultBeing a metal fabricator, what better way to keep your tent clean dry and out of the elements than in a custom made alloy waterproof box!

2016-07-20 15.35.18_resultFits in like a cock in a sock. Even room for fishing rods, tent poles, snowboards/skis, extra awning crap etc.

2016-07-21 11.06.32_resultOztent box installed, new side awning installed. You beauty! Time to start the kitchen!!

2016-08-17 14.39.43_resultSo the kitchen box somewhat resembles a toolbox. Made from 2mm aluminium and made to fix specifically to fit in that area on the side of the trailer.

2016-08-17 17.11.05_resultNow the hard part. The layout.  This thing is a lot bigger than i imagined…

2016-08-17 17.53.01_resultI have decided to put in a divider at the last minute.  I think having a kitchen on one side and storage on the other would be a more practical use of space.

2016-08-17 17.23.56_resultGetting the divider in seemed somewhat impossible, as its bigger than the opening and should of been inserted before the box went together. Lucky for the SKYHOOK 2000! (see the build here). !

2016-08-17 18.18.40_resultNow a nice cover trim to finish off. Also completing the door jambs.

2016-08-26 13.25.16_resultDoors made, decided on a bi-fold design so the bottom half will be a bench top and the top half will have an LED strip light attached. Using packers here to get the gaps all even and parallel before installing the hinges.

2016-08-26 16.59.36_resultDoors on, weather/dust seal on, Starting to take shape.

2016-08-27 09.05.25_resultSlowly everything is finding a home. Trying to make it as practical as possible with everything within an arms reach. With a weekend booked away camping i better get a wriggle on.

2016-09-11-09-59-31_resultWith the drop down door fitted, here you can see i have made some custom internal ribs. This will give the door support and also fill in the inside as soon it will be laminated with a sheet of stainless.

2016-09-11-10-03-28_resultUsing a tube of expanding foam to fill in the gaps, itll be solid and insulated.

2016-09-12-09-22-18_resultAll sanded and ready to glue on a sheet of stainless steel.

2016-09-13-18-47-43_resultBench and LED strip light finished. Note the stainless bench still has the white plastic protective film on it.

2017-02-23 15.52.03_resultFinished the other doors, thus completing the kitchen and storage box. The front compartment i’m just going to leave empty for now until i decide what to put in it.

2017-02-23 13.50.17_resultRamps work a treat.

2017-02-23 13.49.59_resultOutriggers are great for when the trailers not attached to the ute.

2017-02-24 07.10.58_result

2017-02-24 07.15.40_resultAs you can see, the quad is a tight fit. No ropes are really needed to hold it in.

To be continued…..









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